Saturday, 26 January 2013

Man in a Skirt

I'm going to see how this goes but I shall post blogs about events that happen in the course of my life as TheSkirtedMan. A sort of diary, but not daily or even a set time period. I'm skirted these days unless an event dictates. Like tomorrow morning for example my wife & I will be outside clearing snow off the paths and drive, clearing the car etc as it has been snowing with us now since 8pm 25th Jan 2013 and is still doing so as we approach 0.30 am on the 26th. clearing snow is not ideal skirted as it constantly trails in the white stuff  when shoveling snow away. Now it would be slightly different in a mini skirt, but that would not be a pretty sight on a 49 year old male, 6ft 6 inches tall. Although I believe in equality and the removal of all gender barriers for males as well as for the ones females push for, I do have to agree mini skirts are more suited for youngsters. Now I suppose I have just fallen foul of a society stereotyping here. Life cannot be perfect but at least I'm not saying a 49 year old male cannot be in a mini skirt, but I certainly wouldn't. I do not feel uncomfortable in a skirt but I certainly would in a mini skirt.

By noon today, it is now the 26th at the point of writing this blog, with the 25th passing into history some 25 minutes ago, I shall be skirted as I have to sort out a lot of now unnecessary paperwork on a large barn conversion I have been doing over these last few years. More will come out on that I'm sure in due course in subsequent blogs, but 95% of it has been done on my own, and yes not in a skirt. I'm not obsessed with being skirted all the time, I like many a modern woman who these days takes on many a varied role in modern life that she was not allowed to do, realise that skirts have their places, just that I and some men like me do not consider they are a female only garment. Many mens garments now occupy a womans wardrobe.

I have kept every bit of paper on this barn since I started it back in mid 2003, planning it, pushing it through the local National Park officials and Building Control. I've had many distractions over the subsequent years like holidays, events, friends and work to name but some but now it is at 1st/2nd fixings, the personal touches like electrics, plumbing and plastering where everybody has differing requests for bathroom suites, electrical socket and switch locations, tile colouring as well as wall finishings, we have decided to up sticks and run.

In 2010 both mine and my wife's lives were put into a period of problems caused by others. some were self inflicted as I in 2010 decided that I was not to keep quiet about my skirt wearing as by then having done it for 12 years only I and my wife knew. By 2010 we both were getting fed up with the world telling us what we should do yet to me others did what they wanted and our lives two years later have both changed dramatically for our own personal reasons. We are still together, the problems never tested our relationship. My wife was always behind skirts for men, although she was concerned about public comment. do you know we have only had a very small fraction of less than one percent giving only a behind your back comment but many compliments and positive remarks. Friends were told in 2010, my parents and youngest brother do not agree, nobody else in our friends/family circles are bothered, my wifes personal problems were work related and by the time she had decided to leave and take retirement, 3 weeks before she left the locals finally found out about my skirt wearing even though I had been going out publicly for quite a while. Obviously not in our immediate area. A handful are not in an understanding mood but the majority of the area carry on with both myself and my wife as before.

In late 2012 we have decided to up sticks and move from Northern England (N. Yorkshire) to SW France and run gites. My wife took early retirement in mid 2012, my gardening self employment can relocate if need be but having a change and running gites as a husband and wife team is a nice refreshing change. I always say you are as young as you feel and as old as you feel but gardening at times makes me feel old. Commercial gardening is not as laid back and leisurely as doing your own garden for pleasure especially dealing with the English weather - RAIN. Gardens do not stop growing because you cannot get in them. Still gardens are a fantastic office with no telephones, emails or a boss giving deadlines. Also, I'm being paid to go to the gym. Can't be bad.

Over the next few blogs you'll get a little bit of a feel about TheSkirtedMan, and that at the end of the day I'm no different to any other human despite me breaking away from the expectations of a man. I'm not ashamed.

If you haven't spotted the link to my web site about men in skirts then it is As it is now 12.45 am and I'm tiring, the thought of snow clearing is on my mind and I must have this clear out of now unnecessary paperwork relating to the barn tomorrow. I need to thin it down to import invoices, permissions and relevant letters only, ready for would be buyers. We put our house on with an Estate Agent in mid November 2012 ready for 2013 assuming nobody would come before mid/end February 2013 or so we thought. We have two viewings this week and another coming back for the third time but this time with a builder to give a guide on finishing costs as unlike me they are not DIY people. I'll do everything, only requiring help where lifting by two people is required. We are not expecting anything positive at this early stage but you never know, so being positive I will prepare this file of relevant barn conversion documents and be ready.

Talking about being positive, winter season started 21st December 2012, and I start saying, its the shortest day, the nights get shorter from then on. By mid to late January it is 7 to 8 weeks before the first day of Spring, and now the 26th January is here, next weekend its February. February is traditionally a short month so that means Spring is just around the corner.

That's it for now. more about barn conversions, France, moving house, and of course my skirt wearing later but before I go, just so you know the real name behind TheSkirtedMan, my name is Jeremy Hutchinson. Having read over the blog and made slight changes, the clock is now saying 1.10.

I must go.


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