Monday, 11 February 2013

Man in a Skirt - It's Snowing Again Here

Another week flies by. What a week, and it ends with snow. 5 cm this evening, with around 2.5 cm during the day. Looks like I'll be snow clearing again in the morning. This gives us around 40 cm so far this Winter. Not a lot compared to some areas but higher than our average bearing in mind we are in the hills of the Yorkshire Dales and on top of one of the medium ones!

So what has the skirted man done this week. Well I've been skirted most of the time. Done a lot of paperwork this week taking our research for our move to France up another notch. So as my garden season is still stalled until April, and I have not yet gone into the barn to get the last bedroom to first fix, I've done no real dirty work. Taken the dogs out for some walks with my wife but that's as far as it has gone to make skirts not practical.

There are only about 10 days work to do in this last bedroom of the barn. Chisel out with a hammer drill the old lime mortar of four walls, rough point two ready for cement rendering after electrics/plumbing goes in - first fix - and fine point the two internal gable walls. Re-lay a stone window sill in what was a former west facing window before it was blocked up a good hundred or so years ago when the larger stone barn was added to that end of the house. Put in place 2 oak wall plates and mount 7 oak ceiling beams, having sanded them down first and Danish oiled. All work well within my ability but obviously not in a skirt! To be honest I'm not a hardened DIY builder so the cold temperatures in the barn do not inspire me to get out there, but also with selling the house and our future plans really coming in line I have lost interest. Still all the paperwork this week is essential to our plans especially as yesterday we had our 6th viewing, which for this time of the year is good going when the main housing market in the UK starts in March and drops off Oct/Nov depending upon the weather. One of these viewers came back last weekend as I mentioned in my blog last week with a builder and this week told our Estate Agents they are still interested just waiting for figures. We are not showing any excitement or pushing because at the end of the day we have no pressure to sell and we would also like to give this summer its full opportunity before we feel pressured to move against our wishes.

Wednesday we both went to Harrogate for the day, both skirted as I am depicted on the photographs of my site, Dentist, Opticians and a wander around some of our favourite shops. Talked to our Dentist staff, patients in the waiting room, likewise at Opticians and no problems at the pub for lunch. Monday we went to our solicitor in Barnard Castle with regards our house sale. Handing over the paperwork he would need for when a buyer eventually makes contact and finding out what he needs us to do so when that day comes we are ready. We were both skirted for that to. Friday we needed to go back to Harrogate as my wife needed updated glasses so we did our weekly shop down there as well. Yes we were both skirted and again no problems. On these three excursions we had two young and obviously immature late school girls who thought seeing a man in a skirt was funny but as is the case in this extremely rare situation did not not stop to think how others, or even me, thought of them in their chosen attire, which was clearly not a traditional female. Apart from one or two quick second glance, "did I see right, oh, yes a man in a skirt" and then continue with their agenda, and one woman in the supermarket dressed with leather bomber style jacket, baseball cap, jeans and heavy, unfeminine boots, gave a second glance and shook her head, this must equate to around 0.1 or less percent of the hundreds I have seen over those three days of public outings.

With regards France, spoken to the necessary bodies in the UK and checked out the French Governments information site on the French Healthcare so we know exactly what to do and who to contact when the day comes. Sent an email to the French DVLA equivalent about our Land Rover Defender and having it registered in France when we get there. It is possible to register a UK car over there if you have a French address, but our Defender has been slightly altered since manufacture and with this modification and our proposed alteration from a right hand drive to a left hand drive, we need to make sure this is OK with them. The change will cost around £2500, and as we have had this car since new it is cost effective especially as second hand French cars hold value and have a high price. Sent an email to a French solicitor who speaks English (sourced in our chosen area by our own research), as although we have tourist French language, dealing with legal documents is slightly different and English speaking will help until we become more liberal in French. French bank account has been sourced and will be applied for on the 11th Feb. You need a French bank account if you intend buying or renting in France. We feel it is necessary to get this sorted before any would be purchaser starts distracting us. After that, my wife has been rechecking the housing market in our chosen area and I've been reading up on Embassy web sites, French Government websites, including the French Tax, and any other relevant information.

The usual daily house chores etc and this week flew by. Got a funeral tomorrow for the husband of one of my gardening clients. He was 94, she is 92. I'll not be skirted for that. Although they know and accept my skirt wearing there could well be one or two there who would not and I would not want a scene created just in case someone objected to a man not being traditional even though they will be some women there in trousers.

All in all a good week. Arranged two visits with two of our friends and had yet another viewing on the 9th. Although no obvious negativity they do have, like so many, a house to sell. The Euro's increase against the Pound seems to have steadied at 1.15, having been 1.25 last November. That was another good piece of news as we would prefer it back in the mid 1.20's when we move! Selfish no doubt, but no more selfish than Society as a whole who simply want what they want or believe in.

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