Sunday, 14 April 2013

Man in a Skirt - Spring Has Arrived in North Yorkshire UK - For Our Location that is

On the 11th April Spring arrived for us at our location. Although the UK in March and into April endured an unseasonable cold snap with vary amounts of snow, areas near sea level experienced higher temperatures earlier than we did. At 1100 ft above sea level on top of a hill within the Yorkshire Dales that shouldn't be too much of a surprise. However, with regards snow, although we may get more general covering of snow, disruptive snow 99% of times usual mean the wider area is also affected and that was so this season.

The previous week on our weekly food shop at a location very near sea level we experienced temperatures of 8 degrees. That's not much I here some say, but back with us the temperature was 3 degrees before the wind chill was added. Early April that is below the expected average. Despite the temperature at home this public excursion was in a skirt, but on cold winter days I will put tights on! since the 11th when we at home on top of this hill have reached double digit figures for temperature these tights are banished to the draw, hopefully until Winter 2013-14.

This last fortnight has seen me in varying public locations and once again no problem. The odd look and a couple of smirks followed with finger tapping on the mobile but that's all and yes these were all women. Men tend to just look to verify that their eye sight is OK even men that give an appearance of being very hard and intolerant, though they may not be especially letting me pass by without a word, nod or smirk. I tend to find if someone wants to have a little giggle or an obvious stare it is usually women. I find that interesting bearing in mind that women, certainly since the Eighties, have pushed for equality, women's rights, freedom etc and not being  labelled or have expectations placed upon them by Society.

Over this last fortnight my wife has been in Hospital twice. Firstly for a pre-op assessment followed by the minor, out patients surgery the following week. Both times at the hospital I was skirted. The first visit was fairly brief, didn't notice any thing about me being in a skirt. The second visit I was in the Out Patients waiting room for just over 8 hours. This included a wander around the hospital 4 hours into the event to stretch my legs, obtaining some lunch and a short period in the car park so I could listen to BBC Radio 2, Jeremy Vine between Noon and 2 whilst I had my lunch in the car. I didn't see my wife from just before 8am through to just gone 4pm. In the waiting room only two women gave a smirk as they looked at me and hit their mobiles. Whilst in the waiting room, I read my Kindle, a particularly interesting book, which reminds me I have not actioned my other blog on books that I have read. Anyhow, the waiting room had an interesting pattern of movement. It had three specific cycles during the day, initially operations, followed with minor ops and pre-op assessments with other matters like hearing etc. The room would have minimal occupants initially, steadily filling to full capacity at which stage all aspects were being covered then it would go very quiet, like only me in before the whole process started again. The staff must have long hours. Not sure about shift work behind the scenes, but the staff on the front desk were there until closing at 6pm but we arrived at 7.40 am and they were their then. The other stare was from another woman as I traversed the hospital corridors. All three were not in the slightest traditional stereotypical female appearance including dress, unless you want to count history as only spanning the last 15 years!

Obviously our weekly food shops were skirted, no problem and the weekend 6th/7th was with a friend. As usual skirted all the time, including dog walking around the village. We have never had trouble in that area when we go and many villagers wave at us as they pass even though many we have never been able to talk to, but familiarity obviously puts us in the community. Even a local farmer waves. Others as we pass close by will have a banter and all this with a man in a skirt! The location is rural. Over the weekend we had the need to go to Boundary Mills in Colne, no problem, the odd stare, lunch in the cafe and Sainsbury afterwards to obtain forgotten items such as wine. Went to a particular filling station so we could collect our points. On the outskirts of Burnley and here I had more stares than not but hey, "I am because you are". A new quotation that I have placed on the front page of my web site, quoting Archbishop Desmund Tutu with the philosophy of Ubuntu.

Those are my main skirted excursions, minor ones like walking the dogs down our local road a couple of times to name but one took place whilst skirted.

Had another viewing on the house, which is not bad since Winter only disappeared 4 days earlier and our one month of activity back in January ceased until this recent viewing due to the weather in February/March. This was good to note as in early March we decided to tell the Estate Agents that were were not happy with £300K to £325K price range they preferred as it in our view made viewers look at £300K or less when we are not moving under £325K. We don't have to move, it is our choice as we both enter a period of retirement for my wife and semi retirement for me. This is why we are looking at a move to France, but that can happen as and when. Making this price change made a viewer make an offer subsequently, even though it had been several weeks since they viewed, in fact January. The offer of £45K below the £325K was obviously turned down. We have also asked the Agents not to make a viewing appointment unless the viewers are in a position to buy should they like our property. In January we had 7 viewers but 5 had houses to sell which is no good. It is amazing how much time is lost in getting the house 'tidy' beforehand and also appointments tend to be in the afternoon and that makes the rest of the afternoon useless for anything significant. This and the price alteration will thin out the number of viewers.

My garden season is now upon me, in fact since we have had a dramatic change in temperature I think they will start to grow quite soon. I now have a lot on. One garden needs a full cut back, the weather last back end prevented me achieving this. That gets priority, but also a large walled garden for land owners needs a general tidying to reflect the image they need to portray and that is high on the list including getting out three benches that have been hibinating in their garage over Winter. I doubt regular maintenance will kick in before the end of April. Most of my clients know of my skirt wearing, those where the business arrangements merge with social chat and active socialising with no problem. Why don't the others know, quite simply because in day to day living I just get on with it so discussion, if it is required, only happens as and when, if needed. I have told all good friends, and acquaintances as and when out of courtesy really because having seen me for years in trousers, or even entering our social arena to suddenly turn up in a skirt, I feel needs introducing. Public is different because they are not friends/acquaintances really or at least not in the first instance.

Now that the temperature has risen, our large 18 foot by 6 foot porch needs to be finished. Currently at first fix. This porch is not heated so to work in it during March/April was beyond the call of duty. My builder friend laughed when I said this but as I told him, my building work/DIY is for fun and enjoyment. The professionals get paid for working in bad weather or in the case of our porch recently - a fridge. We do need to get this done. Since putting the house on the market ready for the 2013 season we got the barn annex to first fix  and decorated the whole house. The porch took a side line, although the materials are here. So with this, pre-season garden work the next fortnight is going to be busy and my skirt wearing opportunities out and about limited. Obviously at home in the evenings is different.

Talking about skirts, my site may be taken down for a day or so in the not to distant future. My Joomla components will not upgrade as Joomla says my web hosting is 5.2. In fact it is the latest php version for web hosting. Joomla seems to have got itself confused. I may need to delete and re-install so I am trying to find out how to import and export via the sql databases. Doing things like this is how I know about building my own computers, extensive DIY at home including  building work, electrics and plumbing etc. Now it is web sites, php and sql data bases and remember some out their think blokes like me are queers or odd because we weqar a skirt. You would thin the same philosophy would apply to women in trousers. I think it calls for Desmund Tutu again - "I am because you are".

Just bare with my site if it disappears, it is only temporary.

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