Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Man in a Skirt at Funeral & Blessing of a Marriage

Thought I would post this blog, even though it is only a week since my last but as the title states, in this last week I have been to both and in clothing as depicted on my site www.theskirtedman.eu.

The funeral was for a friend and a very close friend of my wife. She had known her since college days and was the same age of my wife - 58. Died of Ovarian Cancer after a two year battle. She never let it get her down even at the end, always maintained a sense of humour like "if I was a dog I would have been put down by now" and was always talking about a future.

She knew about my skirt wearing not long after we made it known to family and friends and never had an issue with it. In fact the week before my wife and I went to France, my wife was talking to her about outfits for both the Blessing and another wedding later in the year and she asked if I had an outfit and what was it like.

At the funeral there was no problem and as far as I am aware, unless others had been told by our friend talking to her friends, the only ones I knew who would know were her two sons. I would not have expected anyone causing trouble at a funeral but I was amazed how many were quite happy to talk to me afterwards even though I had not met them previously. They never queried my choice of attire bearing in mind Societies labels of clothing. Approximately 100 attended the funeral.

The Blessing of a marriage was the same. It was my Niece from Canada and 50 guests were present. My family obviously knew but many of the guests were relatives of my brothers wife's family and I was not sure how far down that line information had passed. After all, moving from immediate family you are not on the talking agenda for others and that applies to all families. Also present were many from the Beverley area that I would know of from when my wife and I lived there many years ago.

We were at Beverley Minster early and initially only immediate family were there. We took our seats in the Choir of the Minster so really no one was any the wiser initially. When we stood for the first time to sing a hymn two young girls opposite me suddenly whispered to each other, it was clear it was me and the woman in front of me on my side of the Choir turned to look and smiled. That was it for the duration of the day, no other stares or obvious recognition from my point of view. Many after the service and during the eats afterwards would talk to me, many people I had not seen for several years and no one asked, queried, just simply talked about the day, what I had been up to in the latter years etc. Even the parents of the husband of my Niece talked to me openly and warmly with no question and I had never met them before.

I do not doubt that some would have private thoughts or comments, don't we all, I do and I discuss this in my May 2013 blog on my site www.theskirtedman.eu.

The Blessing was a good day, as too my meet with my elder brother the previous day with his wife, one of his daughters and her husband in the town of Beverley.

At all these events life was normal and everybody simple got on with whatever they wanted or needed to do and why shouldn't they. I do not have photos to go on my web site. I thought it inappropriate for the funeral and the Blessing photos are private family ones.

Staying at one of our friends for the weekend of the Blessing on the East Coast my wife and I took a morning stroll along the coast. There is a photo in the gallery on my site. We passed via the edge of a static caravan park and passed several people. We got talking to two women who enquired about me and skirts. They were fine, asked because it was not an everyday event for them, but complimented me on my stand, understood and wished me all the best.

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