Friday, 20 September 2013

Man in a Skirt - Been a While Since My Last Blog!

It has been a while. 27th July 2013. At that time August looked to be very quiet for us, but it soon changed and became extremely busy for us and went into September. This is the third attempt to finish this blog.

A lot of activity skirted about and about. Apart form day to day activities like weekly shop etc, what else have I been doing skirted. Throughout August and into September we have had friends to us two or three days or we have been going to friends. We are both still popular even though I go out and about in what society labels womenswear with regards men but any wear with regards women!

Whilst we have been with friends, either here or there I was skirted. Been to public places like Raby Castle, Foutanins Abbey, Studley Royal to name just a few. Although my wife and I like serious hill walking all our friends prefer more gentile walking with little or no inclines so we have done canal walks in the Saltaire near Leeds area, Skipton area  and even in the area of Barnoldswick and Foulridge on the Leeds Liverpool canal.  I always do Canal walk or what I call flat tourist strolls in a skirt unless the ground is soft and muddy. Pubs, restaurants,  have been undertaken including our wedding anniversary (22 years) celebrated as usual by going out and as I have done since 2011 I was skirted. My wife and I did have another day on the dunes of Morecambe Bay, as our dogs absolutely love it their as they are not distracted by rabbits etc and we are always skirted on the dunes and dry mud flats of Morecambe Bay - not Morecambe front itself.

My wife and I did have a weekend away in the West side of the Lake District. Although I was only skirted in the evening as on the Saturday and Sunday we were up on the high Lakeland fells. On this weekend trip I appeared in walking gear but came down for evening meal skirted as depicted on my site Sitting in the bar for a drink after the meal we got talking to a local retired shepherd, who had lived and worked the fells for most of his life and was currently 70. We talked about all sorts of subjects but not once did he question my attire. The following morning walking through the village before we departed I met him again, this time I was in walking gear and trousers and he never queried or gave any body language reaction. We chattered briefly about his walk for the day and our planned walk which we altered due to his local knowledge on the weather - it did as he predicted! We departed by shaking hands and wished each other all the best. With the good weather we have this year taken the opportunity to get walking in the Lakes & Dales, among the hills and of course it is far more practical in trousers so I was. We always make an effort at the end of the walk, freshen up, get changed (skirts etc) and either have fish and chips at a view point, picnic and my wife's picnic are quite something, salad based but almost like a full meal back at home! Bar meals are also undertaken at times after a walk, but we always get changed and freshen up.

I have been to the Hospital skirted, for my wife's eye twice a year eye check ups, Dentists, Opticians and even taken our BMW to the garage for its required service - skirted. Nobody makes a public issue, private chatter I don't know. Since July as I have not being doing any home repairs/renovations we have been in our local area at times when we are not in our work clothes and I have been out locally skirted. I don't go out specifically as most of our life's activities apart from work is out of the immediate area, but if it's suitable for me to be skirted and we need something from the local village shop, the Friday papers or even prescriptions from the Doctors, then I go skirted. No negative reaction. Those that have never spoken to us because our lives do not cross still don't. Those you pass regularly but never socialise still say hello and those that have socialised with us still do except for a small handful but that hasn't bothered us, in fact it has improved our lives. This small group that do not socialise with us never did so personally, only invited because of a community event and we felt obliged to go as they felt obliged to invite. These same people are the usual ones in any area where their way of life is correct and local politics and power struggles follow them in their wake. I do know most of this small group do not agree with me, but every female in the group is a modern woman and they cause upset for many as they pass through life dominating their preferences upon others as nothing more than bullies. The missing obligation to go is not missed at all by us, our lives are far more healthier.

As always I honestly do not have any direct problem apart from the occasional stare and the obvious chatter between others but nothing at me directly. When I say about 2% do this I feel as though I am being very generous and it is possibly much less, I do not spend my day counting people. I still get spontaneous chatter with members of the public whilst out and about and very rarely about my attire, just banter whilst in a queue or walking the dogs along canals, restaurants where ever quite honestly. It doesn't happen all the time thankfully as nothing would get done, but it happens just as frequently as when I'm in trousers.

I have done some minor modifications to my site over this period, created a new page called Men in Skirts and Feminism and placed quite a few comments on other blogs about men in skirts, quite a few linked to my new page and also to my page 'My Observations'. Following Question Time on 19th September 2013 (BBC in the UK) I have one or two quotes to add to My Observations page said by some panelists to the first question talking about the Muslim Veil but these comments were about womens rights in respect to wearing what they want without question. I'll try and get this done by the end of September. I have also been quite active over these last two months on Twitter - @TheSkirtedMan - promoting equality, freedom of choice for men, for all, no gender bias etc.

Autumn is now upon us, but it will not stop me wearing skirts. Yes by November I'll be in thick tights but I still feel warmer and more comfortable than in trousers.

Our house didn't sell this summer despite the Agents over enthusiastic sales talk throughout even when we questioned the failed predictions. The house is off the market. Pricing reflecting the barn annex at first fix and taking a bit more off had no effect, it simply encouraged even lower offers. Leaving the barn at first fix, recommended by 4 out of 4 Agents left virtually all viewers in bewilderment. The agents do not agree with our reasoning but as I said to them they have had since Nov 2012 and no result. I recall the quote "Professionals built the Titanic, amateurs built the Ark" here.

So this winter my wife as my apprentice (steep learning curve for her) will completely wire the annex, put in plumbing, heating, fix plaster boards to the block wall that I had put up, place ceilings, insulation, heating and decoration. The only thing I cannot do is plaster but I have already made contact with a local plaster in this respect and he is happy to do it - on a commercial basis. Getting in plumber, electrician, plasterer and carpenter, professions most people get in, I would say 6 weeks would complete it. Doing it myself with my wife's help will keep us occupied for most of the winter, especially as my garden business will not close for the 2013 season until October and I still have a large garden that will occupy me through November. We will not be able to start the barn annex completion until first week of November and 5 months later Gardens will be raising its head again for 2014. In April 2014 we will re-list our house on the market but this time finished and with no price reductions from a market value reflective of our area. Next March I place the septic tank in the ground (pipe work already there) and then we can sit back again. Perhaps we will run a part time B&B along side my garden business but if we do it will be as the 'skirted couple'. If you don't agree simply do not come but B&B is only muted as our desire is still to enter retirement and have a life near the south of France as mentioned in earlier blogs.

So as you can see my/our life is full, active, vibrant - for us - and living a life as we want within society rather than letting other individuals tell us how we should live just to suit their own perception of life.

I'll try and not let it be nearly 2 months before the next blog.

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