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Man in a Skirt - Walks, BBQ's Tour de France. Anything Else?

Another 4 weeks. Thought I had better do another blog. As always this is just some of the activities I do. Skirt wearing for me is a choice, when I should do, if I should do, just as it is for women in trousers and other male style clothing. The only time I become awkward is when others say I shouldn't because they don't believe in it. This is my life, not yours or theirs. How many consider others with what they do in their own lives? Also, you will have to take my word for my activities in skirts. Photos cannot always be taken, my wife as I have mentioned before feels very self conscious taking photos in groups and on many times the occasion doesn't allow it. At times it can appear as though I'm uncomfortable being in a skirt or I'm pushing the point into others lives when nobody at the time makes any reference.

As usual been very busy. Done my usual 30 to 45 minutes of what I call "Twitter bashing" most evenings looking under man in a skirt and men in skirts. Promote the cause, don't others for their own ways and beliefs. Tweaked my web site - -  here and there, made one or two sentences a bit clearer, added some quotations I have come across. Still haven't had time to develop the page on my site Misogyny and or Misandry.  This page is not a high priority for me, but it will come. The 'heated' debates on Twitter, the internet and certain quarters of the outside world on this subject are I believe only by a small minority and quite honestly does not form part of my life too much. My wife  I have a good set of friends, male and female and such debates do not come up or need to. Both my wife and I do not these days work in an environment of employment, I'm self employed and our life ticks by just fine for us. I'll stick my neck into this arena as and when a person, usually a woman, who will criticise me or expect me to behave or dress in an expected way, usually because it is consider traditional  but don't themselves. Then I stand my ground as I have equality, rights etc. They may have a view, but so do I. Unlike them until pushed I don't tell others how they should be, I respect their chosen personal preferences in life. I really do not care if it is a man or woman in charge, running the country or whatever, all I look for is have they the experience and knowledge and do they carry out the role evenly, fairly and responsibly. If not then that person is entitled to be commented upon, man or woman. That's my belief, I'm for true equality not gender dominance.

I'm going to stop there and get off my soap box. If you follow these blogs you will know my ethos, also my Tweets get my equality message over if not my site.

My self employment business is doing very well, still keep being approached for new work but I do believe in a life work balance, money is needed but... I'm selective, turned down one request due to location, but I am considering another. Although I don't garden in a skirt and the locality know I prefer skirts it isn't having much impact on my work. Anyhow, a lot of my time Monday to Friday is occupied. Weekends and occasional during the week is quality time.

Seeing friends either here or there has been quiet recently, they too have had things on let alone holidays but they have been seen and yes I am skirted, but last time we saw a friend we did a hill walk. They are not into big fell walking but a change from canal walks we went up Ingleborough, a seven mile walk with one hill. You will know from past blogs and my site, hill walking, or certainly walking away from terrain like canal tow paths, work and my DIY I am not skirted but are for other aspects. I have over the last few weeks been out and about skirted and reactions are the same. A handful will make it known they are looking, but all others just get on whether they agree or not.

One of my garden clients invited myself and my wife to a large BBQ they had organised. Apart from chatting as and when they are up, we had never socialised previously like this and my skirt wearing never seemed to come up. Why should it. Upon the invite I raised the subject, after all it was not part of my DIY, gardening business or fell walking. They were fine but had reservations about two others that they knew of within the group so I said that's fine, I'm encroaching into your private lives and your other friends/acquaintances take precedent over me so I will decline. There response was we would like you to come, so be yourself. I did. Yes upon arrival, 25 other people, apart from my clients, their daughter I had not met others before and two were initially very cautious, the body language gave it away but within minutes of talking with them it wasn't a problem and actually said it had been a pleasure talking to me that evening. It was a good evening, good atmosphere and I spoke to many bearing in mind the garden space and all the clutter made wide circulating very difficult.

Talking about BBQ's, this year has been very good for us for BBQ's and I have lost count how many we have had so far but here is a photo of me at one of our own BBQ's.

Yes I'm always skirted in these situations too.

Done one or two Hill walks over this last four weeks. We don't go high in the winter months and even the weather puts us off on low level walks but this year my wife had a temporary problem which made even canal walks very difficult but since early June we have been able to remedy this. Done Ingleborough as mentioned, done a 9 mile walk over Buckden Pike and last weekend an 8 mile walk over Great Knoutberry. Been to the lake District a couple of times including one walk of 14 miles and approximately 3600 feet of climbing.
I wasn't skirted on these walks  but the photos here were taken on some of these walks.

Tour de France came to our area, and we went to see it. Very pleased that we didn't get the huge crowds as predicted or some expected. We certainly couldn't have coped with the crowds that were shown on the television. Knowing our area and the 'quiet' volume of people we got a spot on the main road side with nobody else around. Now that is perfect. We had our own private Tour de France. The many sponsor participants waved and tooted their horns and we knew it was for us. We got one or two freebies thrown, even the British and French police waved as they past. Good position for photos with no obstructions.

Being in the country rabbits and moles are a constant nuisance for domestic gardens. I hear many a visitor say the rabbits are cute and are horrified to hear that I shoot them if they appear in the garden and set traps for the moles. The next time I'm challenged I'm going t say, I'll put them in your garden and I'll see your response in two weeks time, perhaps even within 48 hours! I have an air rifle and I have issued a warning to the rabbits and moles, stay out or else but they don't seem to understand. They are crafty, especially rabbits. I'm convinced they have committee meetings to discuss tactics, but I change mine. Over the last 4 weeks I have not had to shoot one rabbit which I'm sure some out in the blog reading world will be pleased to hear so perhaps rabbits do understand.  Moles come and go but the traps do go in when tunnels are spotted. For those who are horrified about this just imagine your garden covered with tunnels and plants uprooted by moles or most plants eaten to often nothing by rabbits. I don't make any apologies and yes I am skirted as well dealing with these problems - not always!

Watched a few DVDs, Jack Ryan - Shadow Recruit, One Survivor, Escape Plan and Non-Stop, Liam Neesons latest. All good, yes leave a few questions of how, but, and etc but films for me are there for entertainment unless it is stated based upon a true story. I do not rate The Sound of Music or the film Argo as both have the facts clearly distorted in the interests of film making and societies preferences or in the case  of Argo the US prestige. I was therefore a little cautious on One Survivor as this is based upon a true story of a US military unit in Afghanistan. My thoughts were Hollywood propaganda as can be the case but we got the DVD on a special price so waiting for it to drop to £7 or £5 which is what I would have done for this film didn't happen. It is a very good film, not propaganda and not only shows stupidity within the military hierarchy it also brings up  points of discussion should they, shouldn't they, the problems created for themselves by following strict rules of engagement when the other side don't and why do we bother about places like Afghanistan. The end leaves you in full understanding why civilised countries try to help those who are suppressed even though some within our society moan or even expect our cultures to be adopted by these countries but then that's another debate and wasn't part of this film.

At the end of the day I'm just an ordinary everyday guy, who may share some of your type of activities or not but then it doesn't matter even though I may wear a skirt.

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